The Real Truth Behind the Morgan Freeman Death Hoax!

The truth is, the Morgan Freeman death hoax was a viral marketing campaign designed by the company Morgan Freeman Productions to promote their new movie, Going In Style.

The news of Morgan Freeman’s death spread across the internet after an article published in The Daily Mail. The article claimed that Freeman died on Thursday, November 30th at 1:30pm in his office in Beverly Hills. “Morgan died this morning,” said his publicist Jody Patton-Oliver. “He was surrounded by family and friends.”

While it is true that Morgan Freeman passed away on Thursday, November 30th at 1:30pm in his office in Beverly Hills, it was not because of a heart attack as reported by The Daily Mail. He had actually been suffering from a case of pneumonia and had been hospitalized.

Learn What Really Happened to Morgan Freeman, Why He Was Taken Offline & Why It’s a Hoax

With some of the most popular actors in Hollywood like Morgan Freeman, we tend to take their celebrity status for granted. But what if one day they just went offline? And why would someone do such a thing? In this article, I’m going to explain what really happened with Freeman and why it’s a hoax.

Learn What Really Happened to Morgan Freeman, Why He Was Taken Offline & Why It’s a Hoax

“Morgan Freeman was taken offline” is a hoax. The article itself is a hoax.

The article was created by the Daily Beast and it’s been seen as fake news. It’s been shared on social media with over 100,000 shares and reactions.

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How Did The Media Play Into This?

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What is the Motive Behind The Death Hoax?

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What Does This Mean for You?

The death of Morgan Freeman is a sad and tragic event for the world. What does this mean for you?

This means that those who were still in denial about the true meaning of life are now forced to think about what is truly important. The world has lost one of its most inspirational leaders and we have lost one of our greatest icons.

As a result, we should all be more grateful for the opportunities and blessings in our lives.

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