Junk Food: Shrinking The Capacity Of Brain!

According to surveys, massive researches conducted thus far, have revealed that the mental health of people who regularly consume a crash diet which typically includes soda, cakes, burgers, pizzas, and acidic food has been significantly affected globally.

Considering the statistics of the past 3 decades has depicted a sudden rise in stress, depression, anxiety: several names have been given to mental illness. But one major commonality that has been traced in these trends was the extreme consumption of fast foods globally. However, the researchers have traced the dietary patterns in varied age groups be it kids, middle-aged masses, or older people. It has been shown that the group of kids and middle-aged people are more inclined towards consuming a crash diet comprised of unhealthy fats (unsaturated fatty acids), lower consumption of antioxidants, and good fatty acids obtained from foods like green vegetables, fish, fruits, nuts, and organic products.

A mental breakdown, loss of stamina, stress, feelings of dread, and angst has been observed in those groups with high intake of fast foods which merely consist of broiler chickens fried in processed oils, cakes filled with processed sugars and whatnot. But this has not just limited to mental health; the consequences of unhealthy nutrition have affected our generations which has ultimately plummeted the graph of life expectancy.

This trend has not been limited to only the developed countries like UK, Canada, America, and Australia but the developing countries are equally vulnerable to this. One reason could be attributed to the affordability and low costs of fast foods and their easy availability. It is not hard to find the fast-food cafes around the streets, even a poor lower-middle-class person takes such unhealthy food for his children on his way back home. It is not difficult to look around and see working parents who usually feed their children unhealthy food due to a shortage of time.

They say that “you are what you eat”. Considering the facts it’s true that whatever you eat at some point in time it reflects on your skin. Then why are we being cruel to our minds, bodies, families, and loved ones?

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Dunya News’ editorial stance.